Meet the Doctors at Bolingbrook Family Chiropractic

At Bolingbrook Family Chiropractic, Dr. Mitchell Quill and Dr. Gabriela Ludeman are here to improve the health of our community.

We love to see families and active people who want to be free from pain and perform at their highest levels.

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Dr. Gabriela Ludeman

In high school, Dr. Ludeman worked at a chiropractic office. She was there throughout undergrad and learned the culture of the clinic. That’s what helped her realize that she wanted to become a chiropractor. She attended Palmer College of Chiropractic because it had the best credentials of any chiropractic college and is known worldwide.

While there, Dr. Ludeman worked in the rehabilitation department in addition to seeing patients at the school clinic. She was given the Clinical Excellence Award and was one of four people selected for an internship at a Veterans Affairs hospital in Texas. Working there enhanced her clinical skills and had a huge impact on her career.

It was during her internship that she discovered the power of acupuncture. She is
Webster Certified with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

As the only BIRTHFIT Professional in our area, Dr. Ludeman is certified in pediatric,
prenatal and postpartum care. She also holds a certification in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization. Dr. Ludeman also sees athletes of all levels.

Bolingbrook chiropractor

Dr. Mitchell Quill

As an athlete all through high school, Dr. Quill was a 4 sport athlete and trained year round. His activities led to a back injury when he was a sophomore. Fortunately, he got into chiropractic care right away. He healed up and continued playing sports in high school, and into college.

During his undergraduate years, Dr. Quill injured his hip playing football. Again, he went to the chiropractor and found healing there. He had already been considering becoming a chiropractor, and this experience sealed the deal.

Dr. Quill attended Palmer College of Chiropractic, where he continued his love of sports by playing on the rugby team. He and his teammates would practice what they learned by giving each other adjustments before practices. That’s where he started learning how to care for athletes.

Dr. Quill also worked in the rehabilitation department and did an internship in Texas at a Veterans Affairs hospital.

Dr. Quill also has an acupuncture certification, and is a Level 1 CrossFit trainer. He
enjoys seeing active people and athletes, and getting them back to doing what they want to do.

“The Dr’s at Bolingbrook Family Chiropractic really treat you like family. They are personable, funny and kind hearted. They are genuinely concerned in making you feel better. Great place to go!”

Kristine G.

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