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new patients

Welcome to our family!

Bolingbrook Family Chiropractic is a safe and upbeat place that you’ll enjoy visiting. In our open waiting room, your kids have a play area. You’ll check in at the computer on the front desk, then go to a private room. We respect your time and will see you promptly.

The first appointment for a new patient takes 30 minutes. Subsequent visits take 10-15 minutes.

Bolingbrook Chiro Docs


After paperwork, we take you on an office tour. You’ll go to an examination room and meet your chiropractor. Together, you’ll talk about your health history, then have an examination. If X-rays are needed, we can take them on-site. Depending on what you need, we will start your care right away.


We’ll give you a full report of our findings from your examination the next day or as quickly as you can return. We’ll go over your plan of care, all financial information and anything else that we think may help you heal.


How long you’ll be our patient depends entirely on what your goals are. If you are an active individual or have a physical job, you might want to come in for more frequent adjustments than someone whose goals are to simply be able to pick up their child without pain. Our recommendations on following up will be based on your individual needs and wants.

Would you like to get in right away? Contact us today to book a same-day appointment!
We’re also open on Saturdays.