When you’re expecting, you want your body to function at its highest potential. You know that if you operate at 100%, your baby benefits exponentially. You’re also creating the opportunity for an optimal birthing experience.

As chiropractors, Dr. Quill, Dr. Ludeman, and Dr. Pietrobon love seeing expecting moms and their children, making sure that they receive the natural care they need.

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Why You Need a Chiropractor When You’re Expecting

If your body is in the best possible shape, you know you can expect that labor and delivery will go more smoothly. Chiropractic is a safe choice for expecting moms who can’t take painkillers for their discomfort. As your baby grows, your body changes. You may not even notice the small compensations you’re making as your center of gravity shifts.

You want to make sure your baby has as much room as possible to develop, and you want to be comfortable during your pregnancy. We aim to make sure you enjoy all these benefits and more.

“The Dr’s at Bolingbrook Family Chiropractic really treat you like family. They are personable, funny and kind hearted. They are genuinely concerned in making you feel better. Great place to go!”

Kristine G.

Techniques for Moms and Children

Adjustments are different for pregnant women, babies, and young children. We use modified techniques and different positions through each trimester of pregnancy. With a drop table, we accommodate your growing belly. Dr. Ludeman is certified in the Webster Technique, which can benefit you through your entire pregnancy.

She is also certified in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, which can assist babies who aren’t crawling properly or lack other motor patterns so that they can develop properly.

Pregnancy Chiropractic
Pregnancy Chiropractic

Commonly Seen Childhood Conditions

We welcome you to bring your baby in as soon as you’re able to after delivery. We see infants and older children with issues such as:

▷ Torticollis
▷ Misshapen head
▷ Latching problems
▷ Constipation
▷ Ear infections
▷ Colic
▷ Lack of fine motor skills
▷ Headaches
▷ Poor posture

Keeping Your Child Comfortable

We love seeing kids because we know that we can create positive change in your entire family’s life by helping your child. You can rest assured that they’ll learn to love their visits with us.

If your child is about toddler age or up, we’ll show them around, let them move the table up and down and introduce them to the Activator® adjusting instrument. If your baby is coming in as a patient, we’ll have you lie on the adjusting table with them resting comfortably on you.

Dr. Ludeman has personal experience in assisting children with special needs. Some of our pediatric patients are in this population. Their condition can result in musculoskeletal complaints. By adjusting them, we may be able to give their overall well-being a boost.

Pregnancy chiropractic care bolingbook