You shouldn’t live with pain

At Bolingbrook Family Chiropractic, one of our primary areas of focus are athletes. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, college or high school athlete, we would love to work with you. We can assist you in recovering from an injury, and preventing future problems.

We also commonly see athletes such as gymnasts, dancers, weightlifters and baseball players.

Sports Chiropractic Bolingbrook

What Your Care Might Involve

We tailor each of your visits to suit your particular needs, adapting as you get better. For example, a football player who presents with a low back injury from doing too many deadlifts would start with orthopedic tests and neurological screenings.

Once we gain an understanding of what is required, we’ll perform adjustments with our techniques and recommend therapeutic exercises to get you back deadlifting and doing what you love to do most!

After the intensive phase of care is over, we’ll reduce the frequency of visits. Each time they come in, we’ll do testing to make sure we’re on track to meet the goals we’ve set. If you want to remain healthy, we’ll put you on a maintenance schedule based on your needs and lifestyle.